School Administrators
Keith Hairrell,  Principal
Brad Newton
Ben Campbell, Assistant Principal

Benjamin Campbell
Assistant Principal

Thomas Young, High School Counselor
Thomas Young
High School Counselor
Deputy, Emily Lewter
Teaching Staff
Lacey Ashley
Dena Bowman, High School English

Dena Bowman
High School English

Shane Carpenter, Math Science
Shane Carpenter
High School Math/Science
Toni Cassidy
Tina Downs, Intervention
Tina Downs
Tammy Embry, Technology Facilitator
Tammy Embry
Technology Facilitator
Chris Faulkner,  High School Science
Chris Faulkner
High School Science
Pam Fowler,  Middle School Enrichment
Pam Fowler
Middle School Enrichment
Brian Gafford, MS/HS PE Teacher and Driving Instructor
Brian Gafford
MS/HS PE Teacher and
Driving Instructor
Andrew Gentry, High School English

Andrew Gentry
High School English

Brody Gibson
6th and 7th Grade Social Studies
Susan Giguere
6th and 7th Grade Science
Erin Gray, Finance Academy and Yearbook Advisor
Erin Gray
Finance Academy and
Yearbook Advisor

Mike Holt
Special Education Teacher


Jessica Killen


Monica McConnell, High School Enrichment
Monica McConnell
High School Enrichment
Vicky McCrary, Spanish
Vicky McCrary
Gina McKee, Inclusion
Gina McKee
Jacob Maurer
Zach Meadows, PE/Coach
Zach Meadows
Amy Mosley, Media Specialist
Amy Mosley
Media Specialist
Jamie Norris, Family and Consumer Economics
Jamie Norris
Family and Consumer Economics
Michael Parker, PE/Coach
Michael Parker
Troy Rogers High School History

Troy Rogers
High School History

Emily Salcido,  Middles School English

Emily Salcido
Middle School English

Hanah Sims
6th Grade English
Kelli Southard, Colts Academy

Kelli Sourthard
Colts Academy

Amy Swinea, High School Algebra/Pre Cal
Amy Swinea
High School Algebra/Pre Cal
Dana Terry, Middle School Science
Dana Terry
8th and 9th Grade Science
Alison Thomas, High School Math
Alison Thomas
High School Math
Dale Welborn,  Middle School Math and Sciencee
Dale Welborn
Middle School 6th and 7th Grade Math
Paul Wilson
Title 1
Eva Yarborough
Geometry/8th Grade Math/Intervention
School Nurse
Paula Hand, School Nurse
Paula Hand
School Nurse
Support Staff
Caleb Adams
Colt Academy Assistant
Emily Griffith, Instructional Assistant
Emily Griffith
Instructional Assistant
Tammy Hammond, Bookkeeper
Tammy Hammond
Cyndi Harbin, Technology Specialist
Cyndi Harbin
Technology Specialist
Pam Kirk, Access Facilitator
Pam Kirk
Access Facilitator
Naomii Lovell, Secretary

Naomi Lovell

Tammy Moss, Counselor Assistant
Tammy Moss
Counselor Assistant
David Reynolds, Instructional Assistant
David Reynolds
Instructional Assistant
Claudia Warren, Instructional Assistant
Claudia Warren
Instructional Assistant
Custodial Staff
Stacy Pope
Custodial Staff
Deanna Terry
Custodial Staff
James Yarbrough
Custodial Staff
Kari Carter
CNP Manager
Joann Napoleon
CNP Worker
Sharon Thomas
CNP Worker
Shannon Tucker
CNP Worker
Mali Weir
CNP Worker
Bus Drivers
Daryl Adams
Colt Academy Bus Driver
Stephanie Bridges
Bus Driver #91
Christie Brown
Bus Driver #137
Luther Dugger
Colt Academy Bus Driver
Michelle Ezell
Bus Driver #55
Samantha Garner
Colt Academy Bus Driver

Mike George
Bus Driver #60

Mary Holland
Bus Driver #123
Nina Johnson
Colt Academy Bus Aide
Monica Mayfield
Bus Driver #66
Lydia Miller
Bus Aide
Lori Mitchell
Colts Academy Bus Aide
Sherry Schrimsher
Colt Academy Bus Aide
Faye Sledge
Bus Driver #103
Nancy Sons
Bus Driver #58

JoAnn Stoner
Colts Academy Bus Driver

James Turner
Bus Driver #50
Angela Vaughn
Bus Driver #105
Jay Williams
Bus Driver #32
Donna Wooldridge
Colt Academy Bus Aide